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Baraka Sharm is Egypt's leading company in natural oils,herbs and cosmetics.

Our mission began in 2012 in the city of Sharm el-sheikh. From the very beginning, we have adhered to the policy of using natural,environmentally friendly raw materials, grown in a natural way.

Invaluable experience and cooperation with the best factories in Egypt allows us to offer our customers the highest quality products.

We bring to your attention a wide range of medicinal,cosmetic, essential and perfume oils.

The oils are produced by cold pressing at a temperature not exceeding 45 °. Our oils are 100% concentrated, with no base or artificial preservatives added.

Take care of your health and beauty with us!

We are always glad to see you at the address: Sharmel-sheikh city, Hai el-noor district, Nur Sharm, Baraka sharm.

Pleasant service and reasonable prices await you in our store.

We provide transfer services from any part of the city.We deliver products around the city, as well as outside Egypt.

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Free Services

We offer Free Transfer from your location within Sharm El-sheikh to our store and back. Also we offer Free Delivery to our customers within Sharm EL-Sheikh.

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